Honor Mornings Founder Kitiya Skye

Kitiya was born in Eastern Europe, grew up in Canada and worked in NYC for 6 years as an Advertising Executive at a highly awarded advertising agency. After realizing she felt depleted and unhappy she made a complete 180 and moved to LA to pursue her love of acting and wellness.

We talk about staying grounded as an actress and how she deals with being in a rejection and comparison-filled industry.

Now a full-time actress and founder of HONOR Mornings™; a 100% organic, vegan, GMO and sweetener free morning smoothie mixture, made with plant protein, supergreens and adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs, HONOR was born out of gratitude for all she has received as an actor and her desire to give back.

The messaging behind HONOR Mornings™ is HONORing yourself; mind, body and soul. It is the philosophy that inspired her own personal growth and wellness journey. 

Follow HONOR Mornings @honormornings and Kitiya @kitiyaskye

June Farahan