Tapping Into Your Superpowers With Chakra Girl Co

Share your story of how your brand came to be

I was a hot mess in my 20s and started a journey of healing that resulted in an obsession with crystals, meditation and unblocking all my chakras! As soon as I saw how fun, easy and quick the internal shifts could happen I knew I had to share it with the world in a chic and approachable way that millennials could relate to. I first started a crystal chakra jewelry line but found that most of my audience was more interested in how to unblock their chakras to start a business so I transitioned into teaching women how to tap into their chakra super-powers to create a fab and abundant business! Now I've scaled my message with a podcast and Instagram platform dedicated to helping women manifest a glam and grounded life!

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means full-on radiance and embracing your magnetic powers within!

What are you daily beauty rituals?

I start my day with some puppy and husband cuddles then take my dog for a long walk on the sea wall. I do some kind of workout, usually with my trainer, then I start my bath ritual daily that includes body oils, epsom salts, meditation, journaling crystals and reiki. Once I'm done with the bath I do my skin routine that includes face massage, jade rolling/gua sha, medical grade/natural skin care and a 5 minute makeup routine while I listen to podcasts!

What current projects are you working on?

I'm currently supporting female entrepreneurs to tap into their chakra energy and take action towards being of influence. We take trips, mastermind, collaborate and strategize together. I am also really into my podcast where I'm interviewing today’s hottest influencers and experts to share their energetic and spiritual practices that have made them successful and radiant!

June Farahan